Island of climate-neutral mobility in the Greek Mediterranean Sea

On the Mediterranean island of Astypalea in Greece, the Greek government plans to set up a sustainable and „pioneering mobility system“ in cooperation with Volkswagen. This will turn the 100-square-kilometer island into a flagship project for climate-neutral mobility. The concept will target approximately 1,300 inhabitants as well as 72,000 tourists annually.

The focus of the project lies on modern transportation systems offering smart mobility as well as ridesharing services that are intended to close the gaps in public transportation. In addition, it will be increasingly possible to rent E-Sooters, E-Cars and E-Bikes. The sharing concept is intended to reduce the total number of automobiles on the island: 1,000 electric cars will replace 1,500 combustion vehicles. In addition to private transport, the fleets of companies and the public sector will also be converted. To realize the project, the island will be equipped with an extensive charging infrastructure.

The model is being evaluated by the Greek University of Aegean and the Scottish University of Strahclyde. In particular, data on local people’s attitudes towards the transformation as well as general views on E-Mobility and willingness to switch to an E-Vehicle will be collected and studied. The results will help to drive the transportation transition more efficiently in other regions as well.


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