Gone but never forgotten

Rachid Ait Bouhou has been a wonderful human being and a magnificent man. Rare and precious.

He was empathetic and caring. No matter where you followed him – at exhibitions, conferences and events – he went on to be the center of attention. But it did not happen because he tried to, people just really liked him and his kind nature. They immediately felt very comfortable around him. And many – a lot of whom did not even know him that well – will remember him with a big smile on their face.

He did a lot of things in his life the right way. Most of the people who met him, liked him instantaneously. Apart from being incredibly friendly and helpful, he captivated us with his smartness and his talent to develop innovative and visionary ideas. Our conversations were always exciting and enriching experiences. Therefore he will be an inspiration for me at all times.

Rachid has been and forever will be a precious friend of mine. I am very grateful for having to known and walked along with him on his path for a while. Thankful for many great experiences. He will always have a special place in my heart.

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